01 Aug

Welcome to my new blog everyone. It seems as though a lovely hacker (I know who you are asshole) broke into my previous blog and changed my password and recovery info out of spite. Whatever, good riddance. I was going to start a new one anyway.

As I write this, I am lying like a crumpled mass on my couch, due to the fact that I have either a summer flu, or a severe case of food poisoning from the Thai I ate at 1am. I think it’s probably safe to say it is the latter. Damn you TG Express!

So, what’s this new blog going to be about, you ask? Well my friends…I have no idea. Probably just a big pile of random mush that comes spilling out of my head (much like the pad kee mao that’s randomly spilling out of my guts today). Just a series of stories, life lessons I either ignore or learn from, things I see or hear that I find cool / stupid / interesting in someway. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out together. All I know, Is that I have a severe lack of social interaction in my life at the moment, so when I have something I want to say, it’s (more often than I’d like to admit) said to my poor cat Rem.

“I don’t care about your day. Give me some beef jerky or go make some friends”

That is what made me decide to start this up again. This blog will be, if nothing else, an attempt at keeping me from becoming like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons. Hopefully you all will find it entertaining to some degree. So, as a nod to the man who inspired the title of the blog, I leave you all with a quote:

“Empty out your pockets you don’t need their change
I’m giving you the power to rearrange
Together we’ll run to the highest prop
Tear it down and let it drop…away…”

Mucho Love-o,

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