Red Eyed

02 Aug

This misadventure with my apartment is becoming a bit more than I can handle. Yeah, I was aware that the neighborhood I moved into wasn’t the greatest when I decided to rent the place, but this is just getting ridiculous. The building seems to be getting worse by the millisecond. And, to top it all off, I was rudely awoken at nearly 1am to someone trying to open my door! I sat up in bed because I heard the doorknob jiggling. I paused, half asleep for a minute before I realized what was happening. I jumped out of bed screaming “who the fuck is there, I’m calling the cops”. Then they were gone. I really couldn’t sleep much after that. I should probably invest in weaponry of some sort.

Something like this perhaps?

I only have 3 more months and I can finally move on up in the world with a better apartment. Thank goodness.

Speaking of moving on up, I am finally closer to being able to overhaul my wardrobe! This battle between Los Angeles and I has been a hard one, but she is finally relenting (a little) and I am able to start the road of restructuring myself. I feel like I’m a new me in the old me’s shell. Ahh, I can’t wait. I’ve been perusing a few websites to find the looks I want to get. There are so many varying styles it’s hard to decide. I saw this one today though, and LOVE it. Adorable.Whelp, back to work for the time being. Must deal with my company’s version of Dwight Schrute so, gotta put my game face on.


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