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A pessimist is a person who has had to listen to too many optimists.

Hello again internet friends. It has been quite a while since my last post. I cannot even begin to explain the amount of crazy that had piled into my life over the last few weeks. Actually….I COULD, but then I’d just seem whiny and lets just not do that. I will say that these turn of events will definitely make it difficult to see the brighter side of things for a while. But anyway, moving on…

It’s October finally. The air will (hopefully) begin to cool down, Halloween is a few weeks away and, best of all, we’re one month away until elections end and I can finally go online without seeing some stupid comment or photo bashing one side of either political party. I absolutely HATE election year. No matter where you go you can’t escape the b.s. it seems. Even 7-11 has shit. While buying your cheap coffee, you can proudly pick the cup representing your candidate and act like you’re making a difference by doing so. Call me ignorant if you want, although I DO know the issues and who stands for what. I just hate that people treat this as a sporting event and act like trash talk is actually beneficial to the cause of either side. Especially this year. Everyone is so caught up on the hot gossip. “oh my gosh Romney said what?!”, “Obama forgot to address WHO in his speech?!”. Shut the fuck up. I Love you ‘Murica, but lately, you seem collectively stupid.


Speaking of Halloween, I went to a haunted house / maze thing this past Sunday. It is the first of many hopefully, so I want to review it for your convenience. A little back story first. The BFF and I wanted to get out of the house Sunday due to the fact that we usually just slum around and, since it has been a trying few weeks for us both, figured we could use some fun. We had very little money between us both but he found a deal on his phone for unlimited access to 3 mazes for $14 bucks a person. A steal right?!… I don’t know why we didn’t see this one coming. The attraction is called “Paranoia” and is located in the Santa Monica Place mall. I know that should have been a dead give away, but the video made it seem at least somewhat promising. Look!

Well, Let me just say, that I don’t know who set this up, but it looks like it was thrown together by some high school kids. The decorations in all of the mazes are sparse. And when there is something, it is very clearly foam and rubber. The scares come from a few kids dressed in somewhat themed attire according to which maze you’re in. In the “Infirmary” there are patients…kinda…until you somehow end up in a part of a maze that looks like a living room, where there is no one there at all. The “Insomniac Clown Playhouse”…haha, what a joke. I am usually terrified of clowns, but something about the clown at the entrance posing for photos and telling people to add him on Facebook really took the horror out of it. Once inside, there were a few creepy looking clown masks, but once again, the ambiance was ruined by rounding a corner to find the clowns dancing to hip hop. Nothing really scary about that to me for some reason.

NOT scary

I think the biggest scare I got was when we exited the first maze, and one of the security staff, a 60+ year old lady, screamed “boo” completely out of the blue.

Anyway, our next planned haunted attraction stop is Delusion and, if I can muster the courage, Blackout. Both seem terrifying and from the reviews I’ve read, extremely entertaining. We will probably throw a few odd ones in the mix too just to keep it interesting. We’ll see if we can afford it with the move happening at the end of the month and all. Suggestions are welcome! 🙂

Well, Since I’ve wasted enough of your precious moments, I will bid you all adieu.

Until next time kiddies….


Oh P.S.!!!! I saw a 3D movie for the first time since I got new glasses! Holy Shit…go see Dredd 3D…seriously! LMAO.

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Total Recall: A Review (Kinda)

* WARNING – This post contains spoilers. So if you plan on watching the movie, don’t read any further (though, it may save you some time…)!

Okay, so many of you know I really wasn’t happy that they were remaking this movie. As a matter of fact, I was adamantly against even seeing this movie. But, G wanted to do something last night and, like we do many other Sundays, we decided on the Drive-in. We had seen DKR already and were not up for Ice Age so…Total Recall it was.

I don’t own this image…all rights reserved…blah blah blah

So, even though I wasn’t excited to watch this, I decided to sit back and try to enjoy it. I mean honestly it usually doesn’t matter what I’m watching there, I ALWAYS like going to the drive-in. I also decided to view the movie and review it objectively. Here it goes:

First, I have to give praise to the setting. I really love the atmosphere of the city. I love the vibe of movies like Blade Runner, and this kinda lent a bit of that feeling to it.

That’s where my praise ends. There are SO many elements missing from this movie that I was appalled.

First – They didn’t even really begin to implant the memories at Recall. In the original, them doing so gave a bit more credibility to the fact that, hey, maybe it IS all in his head.

Second – They took away the martian landscape. WTF?!  That was the WHOLE POINT of the story…

Third – The awesome scene where he was dressed up as a fat lady at the airport…nope. They have a lady say the lines, but it’s just a distraction as he is just disguised as someone else. Not even really in a cool way.

Fourth – No Johnny Cab…boo.

Fifth (and most important in my eyes) – The resistance is not martians/mutants, their fight didn’t really seem as dire as in the original (you know for something like air! Which, in this one, there is already an atmosphere on mars apparently)…and worst of all THERE IS NO KUATO. Whyyyyyyyyy?!

They left all of that super important information out but kept the prostitute with the 3 boobs. Good Job Sony Pictures 😛

I give this 2 thumbs way down. Even more disappointing than expected. But then again hey, Kate Beckinsale…



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