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What Happens Tonight, Will Haunt You Forever

Good evening everyone. I just arrived back home from a rehearsal session with a friend. I am laying a bass track down for an electronic music project he’s working on. On the way home we passed the Whisky A Go-Go and it made be begin to reminisce about how fun it was to play there with my old band, Valet Park This.

I remember the first time in particular because it was the first time I had ever stepped foot in Los Angeles. I remember the excitement I felt when we drove by and saw our name on the marquee. I couldn’t believe it. When I was trying to book shows for our small tour, my ex-best friend suggested the Whisky because most, if not all, of the bands we admire played that are one time or another. I never in a million years thought they would call us back to book. I was ECSTATIC when I got that phone call.

The show that night was amazing. I fully believe that, this was our best performance of all the shows we played ( a very close second is the show we played at The Gothic in Denver). I had always felt a connection with Los Angeles my entire life, but that is the night I truly fell in love with the city and knew I needed to live here. But that’s another story completely so back to the matter at hand…

The show at the Whisky was the second to last of our very turbulent tour. We went through a lot in that short time but in hindsight, it was the beginning of a huge gain of momentum. We started to gather a lot of attention both in the US and internationally (we were interview by a UK magazine shortly after). We were gaining experience, credibility and were writing better than ever after that. I remember we had a whole new vision. We began to go from a silly, kinda cutely metal girl band, to something more amazing and brutal. We got home with a renewed energy. We played there 3 times in just a few months. It was so inspiring.

Then we got home and shortly after, every thing collapsed. Petty in-fighting began to tear us apart at the height of everything and, once we lost Mckenna, we didn’t recover. VPT was gone right at the time when everyone was looking to us to make it. Before we broke up, we recorded 2 of the new songs we were going to add to the new album.

When I look back now, there are so many ways we could have over-come these childish differences and made a big mark. I miss playing and performing with these ladies immensely. We all were different and had our own style, but that only added to our unique sound and drew a varied crowd. Bunny (VO.) was the visually striking, trendy one, Kayla (Guitar) was the vegan hipster (and i mean that in the best possible way), Dthia (Drums) was the through-and-through metal chick, Mckenna (Keys) was the naturally pretty one, and I, Gazzy(Bass), was the horror punk of the group. We appealed to such a wide array, that if we concentrated on writing, getting better and put aside our pointless differences, we could have ruled the world (figuratively of course). I still drop hints to this day that we should put something together…like a reunion of some sort. Even if it’s for one show. Our time may have already passed, but who knows!

So Ladies I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for some of my favorite memories. I love you all. And hey think about that reunion shit! lol.



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