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With Sparkling Eyes…

It’s finally Friday! Blog therapy time. Nothing better than to go over this weeks events and laugh. First, my Job.

Let me explain a little about the people at my job. We are an extremely varied group of people. We all are VERY different from each other, but for the most part, we all get along. All of us that is, except the one we will call “Ms. Schrute”. You see, Ms. Schrute is not your average everyday nuisance that every company has…oh no. She goes out of her way to butt into conversation, break up ANY shred of fun, intervene where she’s not needed in order to brown nose, and most of all, blow every goddamn situation out of proportion. EVERY situation. The one example I am going to share with you is only the latest. Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep it short. Here we go, *ahem*… what some of you may not know, is our company deals with very wealthy, sometimes high profile (and high maintenance) customers. On this specific occasion, there was a mis-communication about a return that the customer wanted to make. So of course, being high maintenance, they write a very long-winded and exaggerated email about how, having misunderstood the email exchange between us, had to cancel a dinner party with family in order to “rush” back to UPS before they closed to pick something up that they were not supposed to pack. Thus, causing a blow out fight with their boyfriend. Now, any normal person reading the email would think, “gee, this person just wanted to vent about how upset they were” and write an apology. Done right? Nope. Not when Ms. Schrute decided to go snooping through emails. She panics and decides to inform our general manager. She, is at a different location and in now way needs to be bothered with something that can be this easily handled. She proceeds to tell her that the confusion “forced the customer to make an EMERGENCY trip back to UPS and caused them great distress” and insists we refund their shipping cost (like 40 bucks on a $400 dollar order). After she gets the reluctant go-ahead, we inform the customer of this amazing service we just did. You know what they said? “I appreciate the apology. Thank you.” * sigh….wow.

Moving along…I am trying to use this Pimsleur language program I got a week or so ago to learn to speak Korean. It’s not going so well. Holy SHIT, the pronunciation is killing me. I can’t get it for the life of me. When I try, I just sound like I’m a drunk asshole who’s sloppily trying to hit on a cute asian chick. Ugh, I need help.

Anyhooo, I was researching my dream vacation to Bali for lunch today, trying to squeeze out a drop of hope that I would be able to plan a trip sometime in the next year. It’s totally not going to happen, but as I was searching I came across these pictures of a resort in Maldives: 

I think I’ve changed my mind about Bali being my dream “exotic” destination. This is too amazing. I just need someone to go with now!




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